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What is The Best Retirement Plan?

A number of us think about securing a retirement as a method of meeting our retirement objectives. This type of retirement remains in fact the most co

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Okay I know exactly what you’re thinking, “Why do I need life insurance.” The majority of folks I consult with have a negative view of what was as soo

Tax Free Investments for Retirement

Tax free investments for retirement: There’s a way to obtain tax-free income after you retire. Few people understand about an unique retirement plan t

7702 Tax Free Retirement Plan graphic

The 7702 Tax Free Retirement Plan

7702 Tax Free Retirement Plan Did you know that long-term life insurance is considered the new certified retirement plan? I didn’t either till I came across an innovative product. Let me share some truths about standard certified retirement plans and how they compare to a correctly structured permanent life insurance policy. We are talking here […]

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What is Indexed Universal Life Insurance graphics

What is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

What is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?   So, really, what is indexed universal life insurance? Indexed universal life insurance (IUL) is a type of permanent, cash value life insurance. Like universal life insurance (UL), IUL offers you the ability to change your level of defense, exceptional quantities, and payment frequency. An indexed universal life insurance policy […]

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A Great Tax Free Savings Plan

A Great Tax Free Savings Plan When you review all of these plans, one message needs to be heard from the government: Do not depend entirely on Social Security for your retirement income. Take a look at a Social Security statement. The Social Security department mentions that Social Security checks should not be your sole […]

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Financial Planning and Insurance

Financial Planning and Insurance – Why work with us for all your financial planning needs?

First, we believe your time is valuable.  So, we become your Personal Financial Advocate and provide the value of having one point of contact for all of your Financial Planning and Insurance needs.  Foundation Financial Solutions is a wealth management firm with offices in Sacramento CA, and Las Vegas, NV. that focuses on the needs of individuals and business owners. Our Mission is to help our client’s attain Financial Independence while gaining peace of mind. We understand that there can be many facets to your financial picture, other than just investments. So we help identify and prioritize those needs and create a totally unique and dynamic plan for you! Our strategic partners work to support this mission by filling gaps and making Foundation your trusted advisor for all things financial.

We specialize in Integrated Comprehensive Wealth Management, and Business Continuation Planning.  Our vast resources and access to subject matter experts, gives us the ability to offer a truly unique, customized, and unbiased approach to serving all of your financial needs.  We provide specialty programs you won’t find anywhere else like Integrated Financial Planning for Doctors, Financial Planning for Business Owners and Custom Retirement Plans for Businesses. and Group Benefits and Insurance for Businesses.  We are experienced, knowledgeable, responsive, and understand you need for integrity and transparency.

Contact us today for a one hour no obligation review, and find out how we can help you with Financial Planning and Insurance.